NZ Adventures

A personal blog to share travel experiences with password protection.

Garton Lab

A lab based in Toronto featuring new projects, staff members and job opportunities.

GHLAM website preview


A wedding invitation with private access, guest management and dashboard analytics.

Travelle with Elle Website Portfolio Display

Travelle with Elle

A travel blog with a photo gallery, custom "been-to" map and key milestone events.

Amvada website


A web app to share recorded video, audio, and live streamed presentations.

Melody Instruction

A piano teacher who transitioned her business online during the pandemic.

Hand Picked Website Portfolio Display

Acoustic Echoes

A local music artist's website to display albums and download songs.

Creature Comfort Co. Website Portfolio Display

Creature Comfort Co.

Locally owned pet store highlighting the business history, adoption center and featured products.


A custom web application designed to display and project song lyrics.

Webkah on Instagram

Follow Webkah on Instagram to see our latest projects and keep updated.


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Book a free, no-obligation consultation.